A note on Climate Change:

Not only do my rain paintings exhibit beauty in the form of art but they also communicate a message of awareness around the change in climate that our planet is experiencing. Just in my area where I live in here in Western Washington we experienced our wettest October on record this year. That is great for my ability to create these beautiful pieces of art but it also can cause devastating disasters such as the recent mudslide in Oso a couple of years ago. The extremes in weather all across our country and all across the world is definitely something I feel that we as a society should be paying greater attention to.

I have been enlightened by recent documentaries such as Before the Flood and Years of Living Dangerously which were done in collaboration with National Geographic. These documentaries speak to the dangers that we face as a civilization. Examples include the lowland flooding that states like Florida are already experiencing; drought conditions in California which affect nationwide agriculture; and the melting of the polar ice caps which not only increases ocean sea levels but also changes weather conditions globally.

When you are looking at my Rain paintings remember that both climate and weather went into their creation. If you would like to have your voice heard and want to take action on climate change, please visit: https://www.beforetheflood.com/act/