The beautiful 'Rain Paintings' are created in collaboration with mother nature.  The 'Rain Paintings' emit a wonderful healing, peaceful feeling as a result of gathering the essential energy from the rain.

The first two 'Rain Paintings' were created with watercolor paint, since then I have used acrylic and metallic paint.

I apply the paint to them on 20 to 40 or more different occasions. 

I usually apply the paint during light rain, a break in a rain storm, or right before it starts to rain. Most of the paintings are positioned on the ground so that the natural elements of dirt, pine needles, and leaves can bounce  or fall onto the watercolor paper and canvases. 

I am always peeking out my glass doors during a rain storm to see what images are emerging.  Sometimes during a heavy storm, all of the new paint disappears completely! 

For the 2nd series of 'Rain Paintings' I used acrylic and water soluble oil paint.  Many of the paintings from the 2nd series I used as the base for paintings in the 3rd series of 'Rain Paintings'.  

A new idea I tried with the 2nd series was to place a couple of the 'Rain Paintings' in a vertical position.  This created a 'Drip Painting' effect.  Both of the 'Drip Paintings'  created during the 2nd series phase were used as the base for the 3rd series 'Rain Paintings'.


In the 4th and 5th series of 'Rain Paintings' I also added feathers (peacock, ostrich, and quail) to the paintings.  

Thank you Mother Nature for merging with me to create these beautiful abstract paintings!